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A Farm Share is a 6-month subscription to sustainably-grown, local farm foods delivered to your site every other week. We have a Winter/ Spring season November-May, and a Summer/Fall Season June-November. Each season runs for 12 deliveries (every other week for 6 months). Right now, we offer four types of shares: (1) Fruit & Vegetable Share (2) Coffee share (3) Cheese Share (4) Egg Share

  • Fruit & Vegetable Share - 6-7 different types of fruits and vegetables, and optional one dozen Pasture-Raised Eggs. Example: (1 dozen eggs), 1 pint of blueberries, 1 bunch of of carrots, 1 bunch of green okra, 1 bag of baby romaine lettuce, 1 pint of grape tomatoes, 3 cucumbers, 1 quart of new red potatoes
  • Coffee Share - rotating 12oz bags of different coffees from Cafe Campesino - The Common Market partners with Cafe Campesino, a local coffee importer that works with coffee cooperatives around the world supporting independent, sustainable coffee farmers
  • Cheese Share - 1/4-1/2 lb of different artisan cheeses from our partner cheese producers. Examples include gouda, feta, and chevre.
  • Egg Share - one dozen Pasture-Raised Farm Eggs every other week. You can opt to include this with you Fruit & Vegetable Share, and/or get eggs-only as an add-on Share

The short answer is no, but there's a bit more to it: Farm Share members play a key role in providing a predictable, secure outlet for our farmers' produce. Each season, our Procurement Team works with our farmers to plan exactly which items will be in your shares throughout the Farm Share season and what quantities we will need to serve our members like you. We will email you the contents of each Share the Friday ahead of time so you can plan for it, and we provide recipe ideas and storage tips. 

The Swap Box - at each Farm Share pick-up there will be a Swap Box containing extra produce items; that way, if you strongly dislike a certain fruit/vegetable, you can place it in the Swap Box and swap it for something else!

Our full seasons have 12 bi-weekly deliveries.

We have a few payment options to choose from. On our website, you can choose to pay with one single payment upfront or with 12 every-other week payments. You will choose your preferred method of payment when you get to the billing page. If your site offers payroll deduction for farm share, please contact your Site Host to register; you do not pay online for this.

Costs: The Fruit & Veg Share is available for $25 per share ($300 total) and you can add in the eggs for $31 per share ($372). The coffee share is $15.50 per share ($186 total). The cheese share is $8.95 per share ($107.40 total). The egg-only share is $6 per share ($72 total).

To help coordinate the deliveries of food every other week, we work with a Site Host at your Farm Share site - usually a good-food advocate and someone involved in workplace wellness or food service - who is our point of contact, and who is available to answer questions from participants throughout the season. The Site Host will identify the optimal times for delivery and employee pickup and be present during employee pickup. If allowed by the organization's gift policy, the Site Host can receive a free share for their help in coordination.

Because Farm Share is a commitment to our farmers (that they have a guaranteed place to sell their delicious produce) for 6 months, we are not able to pause shares if you are going to miss a pick-up one week. With the exceptions of holidays, your pick-up day, time, and location will remain the same for the entire Farm Share season. We email you prior to your pick-up as a reminder that farm share is coming. The Common Market does not refund, replace, or give credit for missed shares.

We are very flexible if you want a friend or coworker to pick up the share on your behalf. No need to notify anyone, just have them come in your place!

It happens! And we have a solution. Each delivery, we have a “Swap Box” that contains 3 extra farm share items. Place the item you’d like to swap into the box and trade it for another item that seems more appealing to you! Remember to place the entire quantity of the item into the Swap Box and remove the full quantity of the item you’re taking. For example, if you’re trading cucumbers for kale, place all of your cucumbers into the swap box, and remove the entire bunch of kale.

Right now, The Common Market Farm Share delivers on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on your site. Pick-ups will always be on the same day once that is determined, e.g. every other Wednesday all season or every other Thursday all season. Site Hosts will indicate their preferred delivery day and time prior to the start of the Farm Share season. As a member, you will be notified of all relevant pickup information such as your full pickup schedule, time, location, Site Host contact information, etc. before your first Farm Share pic-up.

Anyone at a participating location! We have a number of pickup sites varying from workplaces, schools, and public sites from which anyone can pick up. If your workplace, school, etc. isn't participating, you can pick up your Farm Share and the Sweet Auburn Curb (Municipal) Market in downtown Atlanta - it's a great excuse to grab your Farm Share and enjoy the delicious food and other offerings at the Market! If you don't see a Farm Share location near you and would like to start a site, contact

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The Common Market

The Common Market Farm Share

Fresh, local produce delivered to your workplace, school, and community every other week from November-May.


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